What is Gut Health and Why is It Important

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Your gut is the foundation of your health. If your gut is unhealthy, the rest of you will be unhealthy. The gut is the center and portal of your health. Whatever health and wellness level your gut is, you will find yourself also.

Gut: The “second brain”

Gut health is neurological, just as much as it is physical. Often referred to as the “second brain”, the gut plays a main role in your physical and mental health. There are hundreds of millions of nerve cells in the gut. These neurons communicate with the brain on profound levels.

Those “butterflies in the stomach” are a real physical sensation felt in the gut caused by real emotions like stress, anxiety, or excitement, and it can manifest physically through nausea, vomiting, constipation, and other GI problems. It’s all interconnected.

Our emotions can tell us what may be wrong with our digestive systems or other functions, and our guts can tell us about our emotions. The gut-brain connection goes deep, and researchers are only discovering more as research continues. If you want to understand more deeply what your body is feeling and experiencing, pay attention to what your brain and gut are saying.

Because of the mind and gut connection, gut health greatly impacts mental health. If your gut is healthy, chances are you have better mental health and clarity. The neurons in the gut modify the brain, sending signals and messages to the brain about the body’s functions, as in if there is an overhaul of bad bacteria or toxins in the gut. And this changes the chemicals in the brain, making you happier, calmer, or more anxious, depressed, and stressed, depending on the health of your gut microbiome.

What is gut health?

Gut health is when you have a healthy and balanced gut microbiome, which is the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

Remember, not all bacteria are bad, even the bad ones. Having a balance of both in the gut promotes health. The good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check. But a complete absence of bad bacteria could make the body vulnerable to super-bacteria (like a bad virus) if ever it were to enter the system because an absence of bad bacteria makes the good bacteria weaker and less prepared for defense.

Balance is the key, but it’s also the most delicate to maintain.

Why is it important?

Most of your digestive system is in the gut. It’s the portal of all nutrients and waste in the body. Before anything is sent to other organs and functions of the body, the gut vets all of it. If the gut is weak, bacteria and other agents that could compromise your health, like bad bacteria and other toxins, could leak into other functions of the body, creating poor health and disease.

A healthy and balanced gut also helps you absorb nutrients for the body. A leaky gut is when your digestive system is not absorbing nutrients properly, which can malnourish the body. This also can impact hormone health, stress levels, and weight, and can cause chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other inflammation in the body.

When the gut is healthy, your body flourishes.

Signs of Healthy and Balanced Gut Health

  • You have a healthy and fast metabolism
  • Your moods are balanced
  • Regular bowel movements
  • You’re not craving salts, sugars, bad fats, and other processed foods
  • You’re sleeping well
  • You rarely get sick
  • You have high energy levels
  • No bloating or constipation
  • Your skin is clear
  • You have clarity
  • You have a healthy weight that isn’t hard to maintain

When your gut needs some love

  • Going to the bathroom is painful
  • Bloated and constipated all the time
  • You have acne or other skin problems
  • You have abdominal pain
  • Can’t lose weight or gain weight
  • You have insomnia
  • You have chronic joint pain
  • You’re not absorbing nutrients
  • Your mood swings are out of control
  • You get sick a lot
  • You experience brain fog often
  • You crave sugar all the time

Habits for a healthy gut you can start today

Firstly, food.

Eat good, nutritious, and healthy food. There are certain foods that are especially good for gut health like:

  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Bone broth
  • Healthy fats
  • Omega-3 fats
  • Beans
  • High fiber fruits and vegetables
  • Oats
  • Dark chocolate

Water. Most people are not drinking enough water. Drinking lots of clean and filtered water every day helps the gut fight off infection-causing bacteria. Make a habit of drinking water first thing in the morning and water throughout the day to promote a happy gut.

BioReset 180. Jupiter Labs’ unique 3-in-1 formula delivers targeted support to the gut. It delivers probiotics to nurture good bacteria, collagen to help fight off bad bacteria, and guar gum so the gut can receive and absorb the nutrients without losing its benefits.

All the key ingredients you need

The 3×1 system of BioReset 180 is what makes our formulation unique. Guar Gum to prepare, Bacillus Coagulans to reset, and Collagen Bovine to support. The guar gum is what makes our formulation special. Other supplements lose their benefits because they are not formulated with ingredients for the body to receive and absorb everything. Guar gum is part of the delivery system of the supplement, ensuring your body soaks up all the benefits of the formulation.

And if you are already suffering from poor absorption or leaky gut, supplementing with absorption-enhancing ingredients is essential for your gut’s health.

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Begin today!

If you need to heal poor gut health or are looking to maintain a healthy gut microbiome, starting small with everyday healthy habits and taking BioReset 180 starting today will catch those “butterflies” in a net and leave you with a calm and happy digestive ecosystem. We’d love to assist you on your gut healing journey, so contact us to answer your questions about BioReset 180 so you can get started on supplementing today!

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