Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss

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Hair—the crown of your head and crowning glory.

Hair is an intimate part of one’s identity and often a form of self-expression. When you find yourself losing it, it’s a devastating and stressful experience. Not just cosmetic, hair is also a sign of one’s health.

Do you find yourself pulling out chunks of hair in the shower every week? Are you balding and don’t know what to do about it? Is your hair losing the thickness it once had? Does it lack shine and luster?

Whether you’re a woman or a man, young or old, hair loss is alarming.

Today we’re going to explore some reasons hair loss occurs, why hair health is important, and ways to a healthier, fuller, and shinier mane.

A caution

If you have sudden and onset hair loss, visit your doctor to determine any serious underlying medical causes. Despite all the best hair products, healthy diet, and lifestyle, if there is something more serious causing hair loss, visit your doctor to rule out anything severe.

However, today, we are going to share knowledge and tips surrounding mild and common hair loss.

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Reasons for Hair Loss

Genes and Aging

Hair loss, is most commonly, a hereditary problem, but it may also come with aging. While there isn’t a cure to stop hair loss from hereditary reasons and aging, there are ways to reduce it and promote healthier hair.

Higher levels of cortisol

Stress is often an under-looked cause of hair loss, and many people during the pandemic, for example, reported more hair loss than normal, due to an increased level of cortisol.


Hair loss could also be related to hormonal imbalances. If you have a hormone disorder or condition, like PCOS or Endometriosis, this could be the reason your hair is not as thick and as healthy as usual.


Chronic inflammation causes many health concerns, and hair loss is no exception. If you experience chronic pain, have an auto-immune disease, or live an inflammatory lifestyle, hair loss can occur.


Diet can also play a role. Nutrients play a huge role in the health of hair, so if your diet is poor, chances are your hair could take a hit. Eating too much or too little can also impact the health of your hair.

Hair can communicate health needs to you

Our hair tells us a lot about our health; physical, emotional, and mental.

It’s not uncommon to hear people report losing hair after a traumatic event, like a death, a breakup, an injury, other major life events, etc.

A lack of shine, body, and growth could indicate that you’re not getting the minerals and vitamins you need in your diet.

At the end of the day, losing hair is a clear indication that something in your lifestyle needs to be adjusted and healed. And when hair loss isn’t caused by a more severe condition, getting back full and luscious locks only requires a few lifestyle changes and enhancements to get hair health back on track.

So how do you fix this?

Beauty from within

Hair health begins from within. If you are healthy, drink plenty of water, eat nutrient-dense foods, take effective supplements, and control stress levels, your hair will flourish.

When tackling hair health, think of soil in a garden. If you keep healthy soil, your flowers and botanicals will bloom and grow healthily.

These are ways to enhance and promote hair growth and health:

Hair growth tips

Eat yourself pretty

Hair grows from beneath the skin through skin follicles, which means hair health begins beneath the surface. Eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet will give you the shiny and thick locks you dream about.


While eating healthy is the most beneficial way to have healthy hair, diets can’t always fit in everything. That’s why supplementation is so effective.

Optimizing your diet with supplements full of vitamins and minerals will boost your hair health and strengthen your hair. At Jupiter Labs, our FollicleFuel formulation is a powerhouse of natural ingredients to promote healthier, fuller, and shinier hair.

Water is the fountain of youth

Drinking water helps with vitamin absorption, and it also keeps your hair from turning brittle and dry, which can lead to breakage and more hair loss. Water nourishes your hair from roots to tips. Make sure to be drinking at least 2 liters a day.

Hair growth oils

Using certain oils and products formulated for hair growth can stimulate and condition the hair follicles and scalp to help promote hair growth and health. They can also help to protect and fortify the hair you already have, by keeping it moisturized and repairing split ends. Hair products and treatments will only be effective, though, if you fill your body up with good food and vitamins.

What Makes FollicleFuel Unique

FollicleFuel is formulated with a powerful blend of minerals and vitamins that specifically target hair health concerns. It’s perfect for both women and men and all general hair concerns. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals that support and promote healthy and balanced hormones, which are essential for hair health and to prevent hair loss.

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With all-natural, extensively studied ingredients, including, Selenium, Marine Collagen, Biotin, Zinc, Kelp, and Vitamin C, they are all formulated together to promote hair growth, repair damage, and reduce hair loss. It’s no wonder it comes highly recommended by experts.

You can try it for 60 days and if you’re not satisfied, we will offer you a complete refund. At Jupiter Labs, we are thrilled to answer any questions you may have about our products, and we would love to help you get started on your hair growth journey with FollicleFuel today!

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