Could Rising Inflation And Cost Of Living Impact Your Health?

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Across the UK, countless households are beginning to feel the pressure of rising inflation. This cost of living crisis is impacting millions of individuals, especially seniors, and while the effect it is having on people’s finances is clear to see, could it also be harming your health?

Research has shown that 1.5 million UK adults are experiencing mental health issues due to the debt they are in, while a further 24 million adults do not have confidence in their financial situation.

Worrying about money and paying bills creates a lot of stress and pressure, which can impact the body in a range of ways, leading to a rise in inflammation that can cause a host of issues.

What does rising inflation mean?

In recent weeks, the news has been dominated by stories about rising inflation, but what exactly does this mean? In its simplest term, the higher the rate of inflation, the higher the cost of living. It effectively means that the price of everything from food and drink to clothing and heating rises, and our money no longer goes as far as it once did.

As these rates continue to rise, but wages stagnate, it places an increasing number of households under more financial pressure. In July of 2022, the UK inflation rate reached an all-time high of 10.10%, and this is expected to peak at 11% in October. A multitude of reasons are driving these rising rates, but primarily the soaring cost of energy coming on top of the pressure caused by the pandemic.

To help combat these costs, the Bank of England has been steadily increasing the Bank Rate, putting it up to 2.25% in September. This helps to encourage saving and reduce how much people are spending, which in turn helps to push inflation down.

In addition to this, the government has unveiled a raft of packages designed to reduce the impact the cost of living crisis is having on households. However, while these packages will help, it will take a while for things to start to return to normal, and millions of people are feeling the squeeze and stress of money concerns.

How stress impacts the body

Financial worries are one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety, with 84% of people admitting to feeling the pressure of keeping up with their bills and expenses. This stress can impact the body in a range of ways which can, in turn, affect your mental and physical health.

Some of the most likely ways that stress can affect you include:

  • Headaches

One of the most common symptoms of stress is experiencing regular tension headaches.

  • Depression

Regularly experiencing stress and worry over your finances can take its toll and lead to increased feelings of depression.

  • Insomnia

Have you ever laid in bed at night with your mind racing? Another very common impact of stress is insomnia, and it can be very hard to not only fall asleep but stay asleep when you are worried about your finances.

  • Weakened immune system

Experiencing long-term stress can also weaken your overall immune system, making individuals more likely to experience sickness and illness.

  • Poor heart health

When we are stressed, our blood vessels constrict, and this can create a much higher risk of developing high blood pressure. In turn, this can then increase your heart rate and damage your arteries, which can lead to a heart attack.

What about inflammation?

Another major impact of stress on the body is inflammation. This is a natural response to a foreign invader, such as bacteria, but it can also be caused by psychological or emotional factors. Inflammation can lead to a range of conditions, with the most common being Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As the body responds to inflammation, it can result in the immune system attacking your joints. The more stressed you are, the more likely you are to experience inflammation, and the more your arthritis symptoms will flare up.

It can also further impact the body in a range of ways, including cardiovascular disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and depression.

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How to reduce the impact of inflation

The rising cost of living due to high inflation is impacting everyone, particularly seniors who have retired. So, what can you do to reduce the pressure and stress that accompanies financial woes?

Use travel discounts

There are an array of options for seniors to help reduce the costs of travel. National Rail offers a yearly Senior Pass for £30, which provides a third of all travel, while the Transport For London Freedom Pass gives all pension-age Londoners free travel.

Additional savings can also be made across the country, with the Arriva Club 55 pass, ScotRail Club 50 card, and National Express Senior Coach Card all providing discounts.

Take advantage of senior deals

Many of the country’s top attractions, such as art galleries and museums, offer senior discounts while becoming a National Trust or English Heritage member can save you significant amounts on your visits.

Health discounts

Alongside saving money on travel and entertainment, seniors are also able to save on an array of health-related topics. After turning sixty, you can enjoy free eye test, dental care, and NHS prescriptions, while places such as Specsavers offers 25% off all of their lenses and glasses for those over sixty.

Many gyms and sports centers also offer discounted memberships or cheap exercise classes for those seniors looking to keep themselves healthy.

Discounts around the home

While these entertainment and leisure discounts are fantastic, many seniors are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of their homes and gardens. Energy costs are one of the most critical areas of stress and worry at the moment, but the government’s Winter Fuel Payment Scheme is designed to provide a lump sum to seniors to help them with their energy bills.

Many local councils also offer a handyperson service for those over the age of sixty or who have disabilities. The services on offer do vary between councils, so it is always important to check with yours to see what is available. Age UK also provides similar services to vast regions of the country.

There are also some financial steps that you can take to ease the burden of rising inflation. Netwealth offers a unique range of investment opportunities to save money, while those seniors who regularly look after their grandchildren could be entitled to up to £250 a year tax credit.


As explained above, inflammation can cause a range of health issues in your body and the best way to save is to prevent further problems.

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Final thoughts

The rising cost of living and inflation rates is going to place a lot of stress and pressure on families across the UK. The government and the Bank of England are working to reduce the burden on individuals, but it is not an immediate fix.

Taking advantage of some of these discounts can help seniors improve their financial position, and it is also vital that you are looking after your health.

Make a financial plan, have a good diet, keep active, maintain a hobby, think positive, and ask for help if necessary.

Taking steps to reduce stress and using products such as our JointFuel360 supplement can ease the impact of inflammation on the body and help you to keep moving this winter.

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